Petitions, Hearing & Dispute Resolution


A Petition is a formal written request or application to the Commission, by an aggrieved person, group of persons, or entity, soliciting or appealing a right/relief/privilege; requesting action on a specific matter; fighting a course; and or, applying to the Commission to reconsider, vary or rescind its earlier decision.


In the execution of its quasi judicial function, Section 47 (1) of the Electricity Act 2023 empowers the Commission to conduct hearings following receipt of petitions from aggrieved persons in accordance with Rule 14 of NERC Business Rules 2006.


The Market Rules of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry provides that disputes arising between market participants shall be resolved by arbitration or other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution. In furtherance to this, NERC has appointed a Dispute Resolution Counsellor (DRC) who shall administer the dispute resolution provisions of the Market Rules.

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