To report an accident

Cases of Electrical accident or emergency: An electrical accident can be said to be an incident involving electricity that results to a first aid or medical or treatment which may include fatalities. On the other hand, the occurrence of such an incident that does not result to medical or first aid treatment or fatality can […]

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To know how much I pay for electricity

The cost of electricity (tariff) varies from location to location based on the hours of electricity supplied to the location. Click here to input the account or meter number that appears on your electricity bill.    (Click on “GET STARTED” before inputting) OR Download and install the Power Outage Reporting System (PORS) app on any Android […]

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To know my consumer rights & obligations

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is empowered by the Electricity Act, 2023 to ensure an efficiently managed electricity supply industry that meets the yearnings of Nigerians for stable, adequate and safe electricity supply. The Act mandates the Commission to ensure that electricity Operators recover costs on prudent investment and provide quality service to customers. […]

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