I have been waiting for a meter to be installed in my premises and it is taking too long. Is there a faster way to get a meter installed thus avoiding the practice of estimated billing?

The Commission has provided several ways through which a DisCo can acquire and install meters for its customers. Where the roll out program of a DisCo is unacceptably long, a customer may opt to pay upfront for a meter under the provisions of the Meter Asset Provider Regulation. The option provides you with the opportunity to be metered within ten (10) working days of making your full payment and a repayment of the cost over a period of time approved by the Commission.

Who are Meter Asset Providers (MAPs)

MAPs are companies granted approval by NERC to procure and install meters for customers of the Distribution Companies. Customers are required to make an upfront payment for the meter and the cost recovered over a period of time approved by the Commission.

How can I acquire a meter under MAP?

Please refer to the website of your DisCo for the detailed procedure and payment instructions.

I have paid for a meter under MAP. It is over ten (10) working days, and I am yet to be metered?

If you have paid for meter under the MAP/NMMP regulation and you are not metered within 10 working days, please report the matter directly to the Commission with evidence of payment for resolution. You can forward your complaint with evidence of payment to

I have paid for a meter under MAP, would I be refunded the cost of the meter by the DisCo?

All customers that have made payment for meters under the MAP scheme will be refunded through energy credits over a period of time approved by the Commission.

When will the rollout of meters under the National Mass Metering Program (NMMP) reach my area?

The National Mass Metering Program is expected to span several years to complete depending on the DisCo’s metering gap. All DisCos have a meter roll out plan as approved by the Commission. Please contact your Disco for information on the roll out timeline to your area.

I am moving out of my apartment. Can I take my meter away since I paid for it under MAP Regulation?

Customers are not allowed to move an electricity meter from one property to another. The cost of a meter purchased through MAP upfront payment scheme is expected to be refunded by the DisCo. It is the responsibility of the property owner to acquire a meter under MAP, where there is a challenge with immediate metering by the DisCo.

My neighbor has bypassed his meter and I know it is illegal to do so. Who should I report to?

Please report to the DisCo service center nearest to you immediately. You may also call their whistle blower or customer care numbers of the DisCo to report the incidence.

Where a DisCo declares my meter “obsolete” or “faulty” due to no fault of mine, whose responsibility should it be to replace the meter?

The provisions of the Metering Code and reaffirmed by the Order on Structured Replacement of Faulty and Obsolete end-use Customer Meters clearly states that if a metering system fault occurs, the DisCo shall provide urgent service to repair or replace the meter as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event within two (2) working days of the DisCo discovering the fault.

My meter has suddenly developed a fault and the DisCo says it will need replacement. What happens to the credit balance I may have on the faulty meter?

The Commission has ordered that for such issues, the customer and DisCo representative shall jointly note the units on the meter being replaced and the customer must be credited with these units within 48 hours after the installation of the new meter.

There is a sticker on my electricity meter. What does it signify?

The sticker placed on your meter by your electricity distribution company contains a bar/QR code that when scanned displays relevant information on a customer captured from an enumeration exercise. The customer enumeration exercise commenced in 2016 and is a continuous exercise to allow the DisCo capture relevant customer information and associated infrastructure providing service to your property. Customers are thus required to cooperate with the DisCo staff when they visit your property for this purpose.

What if I do not want meter installed on my premises?

Any customer that denies access to his premises for the purpose of inspection and installation of a meter shall be disconnected from supply and denied service by the Distribution Company until access is granted to the premises. In other words, if you reject a meter from your Distribution Company, you will be disconnected from the electricity supply.

Why is the DisCo asking me to pay for meter under MAP. Is it not their responsibility to provide me with a meter free of charge.

The DisCos have a wide metering gap, and it will take a couple of years to install meters for all customers. NERC has provided an opportunity for customers to leapfrog the rollout program of the DisCos by paying for a MAP meter upfront with the recovery of the amount paid over a period of time approved by NERC.

What is the cost of meter under the MAP?

The cost of meters under MAP are as regulated and approved by NERC. Please consult your service provider (DisCo) for the latest prices approved by the regulator.

Who owns the meter where I paid for it under MAP?

All meters shall remain the property of the DisCo and associated with the premises where it is installed. This is particularly relevant as the MAP Regulation provides for the repayment of the cost of the meter to customers through energy credits over a period approved by the Commission.

The Commission has always promised customers that the cost of meters paid under MAP shall be refunded to customers. When will I get my refund and in what manner?

The Commission has just released an Order for the commencement of the repayment of the cost of meters under MAP to customers. All customers who have paid for meters under MAP thus far shall be eligible for the repayment through energy credits. The effective date for the repayment is April 1, 2023.

How many years should my meter be in service before it becomes obsolete or decommissioned by the DisCo?

A meter as a piece of electrical equipment may become faulty or inaccurate due to several reasons but not necessarily years in service. All meters are tested and certified fit for use by accredited meter test laboratories prior to installation. A DisCo may at any time decide to test a customer’s meter for accuracy and may therefore decide to replace the meter in line with the procedure approved by the Commission.

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