What is Service Based Tariff (SBT)?

Service-Based Tariff (SBT) is a scheme introduced by the Commission on the 1st of November 2020 to improve service delivery to end-user Customers and ensure that electricity tariffs paid by end-user Customers are a reflection of the services delivered by the Distribution Companies based on the number of hours of electricity supply per day. The regulatory scheme is also designed to support investments towards the improvement of power infrastructure and consequently improvement in quality of supply.

Under the SBT, consumers are classified in Bands A to E as follows:

  • Band A: Minimum of 20 Hours
  • Band B: Minimum of 16 Hours
  • Band C: Minimum of 12 Hours
  • Band D: Minimum of 8 Hours
  • Band E: Minimum of 4 Hours
How do I know my electricity tariff?

Your electricity tariff is indicated on your electricity bills issued by the DisCo or electricity vending receipts for customers on prepaid meters.

 The quality of supply in my area is not in accordance with the minimum number of hours of service stipulated in the service-based tariff. What will the Commission do about this?

The Commission has made requisite provisions in the SBT order to ensure that customers enjoy supply in accordance with their service bands.  Where there is failure by the DisCo to deliver on the approved minimum hours of supply, the performance of the DisCo will be evaluated over a period of 60 days. Upon verification by the Commission, the rates payable by all customers in that cluster (area) will be adjusted in line with the quality of service delivered over the period.

Our community wants to have a better service under the SBT? What is the process on engaging our DisCo towards migrating our service quality to a higher band?

Please write a formal letter to the DisCo detailing out the challenge of service quality in the area and follow up with engagement on the issue. The Commission may be copied in the letter with a view to facilitating the service objectives of the community.

Is it true that when I divide the amount I vended for my prepaid meter (in Naira) by the number of kWhr units indicated on the receipt, I can calculate my tariff?

That is correct. However, the VAT payable as tax should be deducted.

How can I get information about any tariff reviews by my DisCo?

Your service provider (DisCo) is required to advise you of any tariff reviews in your bill or through other mediums of communication. Please check the website of your service provider for more details.

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