I have a complaint with my electricity service, who do I complain to?

You are required to make a written complaint at your DisCo’s nearest Customer Care Unit (CCU) in your area. Please ensure that you receive an acknowledgement of your complaint as such confirmation may be required if the matter needs to be escalated beyond the CCU. The DisCo is expected to resolve your complaint within 15 working days depending on the complexity of the situation.

Where you are not satisfied with the response of the CCU, please contact the nearest NERC Consumer Forum office. NERC has established Forum offices to resolve customer complaints not resolved by the CCUs.
(click here to find the NERC Forum office near you).

If you are dissatisfied with the Forum resolution on the complaint, then contact the NERC head office with the details of your complaint. NERC shall review your complaint including the processes followed by the DisCo and Forum in arriving at a final decision on the complaint.
(click here for our contact details).

People on my street are tampering with electrical installations, what should I do?

Tampering with electrical installations is very dangerous not only to the people involved in the tampering, but also for the environs. Please report all issues of tampering to your nearest DisCo service center. You can also call the DisCo’s whistle blower number or customer service numbers to report the issue.

 What is the procedure for the disconnection of my premises by a Distribution Company due to non-payment?

Whenever a customer defaults in making payment by the due date, the Distribution Company shall disconnect the customer’s electricity supply following a procedure outlined in the Customer Protection Regulation issued by the Commission. (A copy of the Customer Protection Regulation is available here).

What is the NERC’s approved customer complaints mechanism? How do I escalate my complaints where I am not satisfied with the DisCo response?

Where a customer is dissatisfied with a resolution of complaint by a DisCo, such complaint should be escalated to the Forum Office within your area. (click here to find the NERC Forum office near you).

Why is there no NERC Forum Office in my area or state?

NERC is establishing many new Forum Offices across the country, and it may take some time to bring such an office to the vicinity of all customers. However, customers with unresolved complaints from the CCU may avail themselves of other channels (formal letter with supporting documents, email) available for filing complaints to the Forum Office.

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