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Consultation Papers Documents
Consultation Paper on the Review and Codification of Eligible Customer Regulations (ECR) and the Guidelines on the Competition Transition Charges (CTC)
Consultation Paper on Proposed Review of Regulations for Mini-Grids 2016
Consultation Paper for the Review of the Transmission Loss Factor for the Transmission Company of Nigeria
Consultation paper on the review of Customer Protection regulations in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry
Consultation Paper on the Review of the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulations 2018
Consultation Paper on greater independence of the Electricity System Operator
Consultation Paper on the Proposed Extra-Ordinary Tariff Review of the MYTO 2015 for NESI_Feb 2020
Consultation Paper on Competition Transition Charge (CTC)
Consultation Paper on Electricity Distribiution Franchising, April 2019
Consultation Paper on the Capping of Estimated Billing for Unmetered Electricity Customers Nov 2018
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