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Disclaimer: Notice of False Recruitment


Notice of False Recruitment Information and Improper Use of the Name of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission


The attention of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (the "Commission") has been drawn to false messages being circulated to members of the public regarding a purported (on-going) recruitment exercise by the Commission.


The attention of the Commission has also been drawn to the fact that the perpetrators of this recruitment scam have demanded "employment processing fees" from unsuspecting members of the public.


The Commission hereby States as follows for the purpose of clarity:

1.      The Commission is not recruiting either directly or through any proxy for any position.

2.      The Commission shall comply with due process for conducting recruitment into the public service when a decision is made to commence recruitment by advertising all available positions formally to the public.

3.      Members of the public are advised to be vigilant and avoid falling prey to these unscrupulous and fraudulent persons that intend to defraud unsuspecting applicants.

4.      For accurate and reliable information, Members of the public are advised to visit the Commission’s website ( for accurate and reliable information on the Commission's activities.

5.      In the event of recruitment, the Commission does not charge any employment processing fees from prospective applicants.


Thank you.