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Notice of Consultation Paper on a Regulation on Meter Initiatives for the NESI

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission was empowered under the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 to license persons engaged in electricity generation, transmission and distribution among many other activities. Condition 39 (2) of the License Terms and Conditions of the license issued to distribution licensees provides that electricity supply customers should be effected with an operational meter being installed. Furthermore, Condition 39 (6) stipulates that licensees shall be responsible for installing electrical energy meters at its own expense and shall be the owner of all installed metering equipment.

Majority of electricity customers are unmetered and are therefore billed based on an estimate of energy consumed rather actual consumption. The estimated billing practices often referred to as “crazy billing” is regarded by most consumers as arbitrary, subjective and non-scientific and this has consequently resulted in customer dissatisfaction, apathy and public outcry and increasing incidence of electricity theft.

The Commission, having appraised the current challenges in providing adequate meters in the electricity industry and its consequent impact of the financial viability of the market, is proposing a Regulation for the licensing of Meter Services Providers with responsibility to finance, procure, install and maintain electricity meters and monthly payments over the technical life of the asset. This is expected to fast track the metering of all electricity customers in NESI over the next three years.

In line with the Business Rules of the Commission, a downloadable Consultation Paper has been posted on our website (; Click here to download the Consulatation paper. Stakeholders and the general public are hereby invited to submit comments on the proposal within the 21 days from the date of this publication to and copy:

Dr. Moses Arigu
Commissioner, Consumer Affairs
Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
Adamawa Plaza
Plot 1099 First Avenue