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NERC supports workplace health amongst staff with Innovocare Health Systems

11.04.14 - 17

Health is of supreme importance, especially if you are straddled down with responsibilities at the workplace and have limited time for leisure and exercise. It is in recognition of this that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission took the opportunity to invite Innovacare Health Systems, a physician-guided health and wellness promotion organisation, for their first Distinguished Visitors Programme for 2014, which was held on the 10th of April 2014.

The Distinguished Visitors Programme provides a platform for professionals from multiple fields to dialogue with the staff and management of the Commission. Innovacare Health Systems, founded by Dr. Chito Nwana, Dr. Toju Chike-Obi, and Nikki Esin, shared their experience in the health sector as well as their methods for acquiring and retaining peak physical and mental fitness at the workplace with the Commission.


Dr. Chito Nwana, an American & Nigerian board certified medical practitioner, began their presentation by arguing for the importance of our health to performance at the workplace, comparing the human body to a machine like a car, which has to be feed with premium quality sources of energy for it to perform adequately.

Besides the presentation, the staff and management of the Commission were tasked with a few physical exercises and stretches, which were meant to educate them and help them relax at the workplace.

According to Dr. Toju Chike-Obi, another American board certified consultant Paediatrician, these stretches and simple workouts immediately boost morale and excitement to the levels required for good health. She also noted that with this physical exertion coupled with a properly balanced diet filled with nutritious foods, a worker can attain a healthy mind and body.

The Innovacare team intimated the Commission on the entirety of health, stating that it was not only a physical condition but mental also. They encouraged occasional full body medical check-ups, even without daunting physical pain because these proactive measures support the sustenance of a healthy body and mind.

Nikki Esin, who possess a Masters in Social Work, spoke on the wide range of disabilities, including diabetes, that exist and stated that these proactive measures can help avoid them.

The Innovacare Health Systems team was thanked for their presentation by the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, Mohammed Lawal Bello, who highlighted the importance of health to the Commission and hinted that the medical practitioners may be invited back for more extensive and detailed presentation.  

Dr. Usman Abba Arabi - Head, Public Affairs Department