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USAID/Power Africa Delegation Visits NERC

20.02.14 - 07

The United States Agency for International Development/Power Africa delegation has visited the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission. The delegation, led by Sharon Pauling, the Abuja Director for USAID took the opportunity to commend the Commission on their efforts in the power industry thus far.

Power Africa is an agency under USAID with the goal of leveraging partnerships to increase access to power in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the acting deputy coordinator, Agnes Daswicz, “the Nigerian privatization programme has partly influenced the creation of Power Africa”.


She went on to state that the delegation had canvassed views from various private and public bodies that have invested in the power industry but sought a deeper public sector perspective on the power sector challenges ahead, which the Commission was uniquely situated to provide.

In response to this, the Chairman/CEO of the Commission, Dr. Sam Amadi, outlined a few immediate and long-term challenges facing the sector including, “financing to facilitate further improvement especially with regards to the Distributions Companies”.

He cited as one of the inhibiting factors, the current low-rate of gas supply, propagated by the vandalism of gas pipes, which has stifled the distribution capacity of the Distribution Companies, while also noting the improved dialogue between the power sector and gas sector, which was not always the case.

He asserted that, “quick improvement in the industry is necessary to sustain the political will behind the power project.”

In addition to his comments, and in response to a question concerning electricity metering, the Commissioner for Engineering, Standards and Safety, Engr. Mary Eniola Awolokun pointed out that there is a considerable portion of the Nigerian populace that currently receive electricity without paying proper tariffs due to the lack of widespread metering and the Commission is taking adequate steps to address this.

Dr Usman Abba Arabi - Head, Public Affairs