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Sam Amadi Preaches Love of Country and Patriotism by Nigerians

12.02.14 - 06

The Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) Dr. Sam Amadi has called on Nigerians to be patriotic and learn to be patient with the country especially with the leadership and the government. He said Nigerians must have “sacrificial love” for God and country.

Amadi expressed disappointment with Nigerians who use the internet to scandalize the country describing them as unpatriotic and a clear case of not loving Nigeria.


He gave this incisive remark as special guest speaker at the National Orientation Agency organized public campaign entitled “Do the Right Thing, Why Nigerians Must Love Nigeria” at the Unity Fountain, Maitama, in the Federal Capital Territory.

Amadi spoke about what to love Nigeria means stating “Love does not scandalize. It is patient. Loving Nigeria means volunteering within neighborhood to protect our country”

The largely youthful crowd was urged to stand as one and defend the country in situation of trouble, so that Nigerians can be seen as being committed to the protection of the country’s sovereignty as practiced in other countries like the US.

Amadi made reference to the unity of the United States as worth emulating.

“Prior to September 11, 2001 attack, in the United States, there was division but after that, the bickering died; the people became united. The President became the symbol of the United States”.

He said that Nigerians may have different views about President Goodluck Jonathan, however using the internet to scandalize his person as against giving constructive criticism was not good for the country.

Giving his opening remarks, the NOA Director General, Mike Omeri urged the crowd to be patriotic, and to do the right thing always.


Dr. Usman Abba Arabi - Head, Public Affairs Department