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Post Privatisation - US Energy Experts Interested In NERC Energy Efficiency Programme

12.02.14 -04

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Transformation, US Department of State Bureau of Energy, Dr. Robert Ichord has noted the enormity of the work before the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, with regards to coping with challenges towards energy efficiency for the power sector.

“There are many issues to be discussed but we are more interested in the distribution side of the sector”, Robert said.

The delegation sought information on distribution aspects that includes the expectations of the new Discos. He observed that investors’ relationship may be preceded by a disagreement between them and the regulator, which may cause them to close their businesses.


According to him, the Commission has to curtail against such an experience. He pointed out that, “the effort to try to address or develop framework with the Discos initially, in terms of the losses are about moving it to commercial development” he said.

In his response, Chairman/CEO of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Dr. Sam Amadi revealed that there has been consistency in the reform as every aspect is backed by law. He stated that,” the reform has been realised and is backed up with strong protocol regulations”.

Dr. Amadi told the delegation of the cordial relationship that exists between the Commission and government. He said, “We haven’t had government interference with any of the regulations”.

In reference to the new distribution companies, the Commission’s helmsman disclosed that the monthly meetings that are held with Chief Executive Officers and NERC is to review policies and where further consultations are required, they are tabled for deliberations.

According to him, the benchmark bid for the take-over of generating companies was placed at 7000 MegaWatts of electricity capacity, but has not been realised due to shortage of gas/fuel control and the activities of vandals which has prompted the introduction of Interim Rules by NERC.

He revealed that the Discos have considered doing a bilateral contract, by focusing on embedded generation as against depending on the Bulk Trader for now.


Dr. Usman Abba Arabi - Head, Public Affairs Department