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03.02.14 -28


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has entered into an agreement with Agencia Nacional de Energia Electrica (ANEEL) of Brazil, to co-operate on information exchange on energy.
The collaboration dates back to 2011 when the National Electrical Energy Agency under the special scheme established by law resolved to partner with the commission in the area of regulation of the electricity sector.
The agreement focuses on organization and furthering of regulatory bodies; exchange of technical and legal documentation, personnel training, tariff determination, electricity market monitoring and development.

Other objectives are consumer protection issues and surveys, quality standards and renewable energy among others.
In line with the agreement, three members of staff of the commission, nominated from three divisions; Renewable Research Development, Legal and Consumer Affairs, led by the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, Muhammed Lawal Bello.
The Vice-Chairman revealed that ANEEL has a comprehensive customer redress mechanism worth emulating, stating that, “ANEEL has a very comprehensive mechanism for customer complaints, which encompass mediation, dispute resolution and stakeholder engagement”.
He noted the use of a call center as one of the network of direct contact with electricity customers.
He disclosed that, “the call center involves the use of an out sourced agency, which has a dedicated telephone/fax system that receives calls and responds to from customers during workdays from 8am-8pm”.
He also indentified other avenues such as the use of a mail system, online chat support as well as face to face contact amongst other methods, which he revealed was already being practiced in NERC.
According to the vice-chairman, the Brazilian electricity sector has achieved 99% electrification of their country, a feat made possible by regulation backed by a good policy environment.

Maryam Yaya Abubakar - Head, Media