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A Petition is a formal written request or application to the Commission, by an aggrieved person, group of persons, or entity, soliciting or appealing a right/relief/privilege; requesting action on a specific matter; fighting a course; and or, applying to the Commission to reconsider, vary or rescind its earlier decision. The Commission has the power to review the Petition and make a determination on whether to give a Ruling, based on the written submissions made, or invite Parties and other stakeholders for a Hearing before making a Ruling on the Petition.

However, in cases of Customer Complaints, an aggrieved party shall first go through the process contained in the NERC Customer Complaints Handling: Standards & Procedures Regulation, 2006.

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The procedures on how to file a Petition before the Commission are contained in Section 50 of the Electric Power Sector Reform (EPSR) Act, 2005,  and Chapter II of the NERC Business Rules of the Commission Regulation, 2006.


The following documents were submitted with respect to the Petition on Minor Review and Minimum Remittance Order


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